Why It Pays to Splurge on a Company Event

Posted by Aleya Harris on 9/23/19
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The food service business is, above all else, a people-driven business. Behind every delicious food item lies an effectively managed web of relations, running from the executive suite to the farm to the service floor. When these relations are fostered within a positive, rewarding company culture, the benefits are tangible.

Higher quality products are put on the catering table, and innovative dining services are offered to the public. One proven way of strengthening company culture is through events.

What Is a Company Event?

A company event can be defined as a gathering that is sponsored by a company for its employees, business partners, clients, and/or prospective clients. An event can be large and hosted at a convention hall; or it can be a small, intimate affair like a meeting or holiday party. An event can be serious and instructional, or laid-back and fun.

Other examples of company meetings include trade shows, retreats, incentive programs, sports events, company milestones, board meetings, and shareholder meetings.

When planning an event, it’s important to keep company goals and directives in mind. Ultimately, every company event should serve to improve productivity.


How Company Events Improve Productivity

Here are three ways company events can help a business flourish.

Events Validate Employees

When employees are recognized for their efforts, they receive a huge morale boost. This does wonders for productivity in the workplace. Hosting award ceremonies is a very effective way of making employees feel validated. Good examples of awards in food service include “best cook” and “best table presentation”.

Events Build Team Cohesion

Team building events can help break down barriers between employees in different departments, and between employees and leadership. Relationships built at company events can transfer back to the workplace in the form of better teamwork. Examples of a team building event could be a chili cook-off or a dessert sculpture contest.

Events Promote Creativity and Collaboration

The food service and catering industry is home to a lot of creative minds. However, they can be stifled by remaining in the same environment without the stimulation of new challenges or ideas. 

Having employees attend a seminar, conference, or convention can refresh their minds and reinvigorate their creativity. Collaboration can come from creatively-stimulated minds assembled together in such a way.

Company Events: Worth the Investment

Contrary to a too-commonly held assumption, company events are not frivolous. In fact, they can be essential to keeping employees feeling engaged and empowered. This is important because engaged employees have an 87% retention rate, according to a study by Forbes

Therefore, it’s wise not to skimp on company events. They can bring about better company culture, improve employee morale, and promote the kind of creativity successful businesses need to thrive. 


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