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Posted by Nutrition Strategy on 10/21/19
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Are you looking to light a fire of energy every morning? To cruise into the office on full power, ready to start the day? If this dreamscape scenario has been on your wish list for too long, it could be that you aren't fueling your body properly in the morning. Our bodies’ preferred source of energy comes from glucose, which is supplied by carbs in the diet. But before you try to rationalize that sugar-bomb 20-ounce, frappa-something in your hand, remember the cardinal rule when it comes to fuel: Quality Matters.

Here are our Top 5 Favorite Quality Carbs to Get Your Motor Running:

1. Oatmeal: Steel-cut, rolled, bran or instant, oats give sustained carb energy over the long haul. Opt for plain– you can always add your favorite fruit and spices to give oats a kick of sweetness

2. Whole grain toast: Look for 100% whole grain varieties for optimal fiber and nutrients. If you like sprouted grain breads: even better!

3. Oat-based O’s: Dry cereal can have a place in an energy-packed breakfast. Some popular oat-based cereals are quick and easy to keep on hand, can benefit your heart health, and can be eaten in a hurry if necessary (but try to give yourself time to eat slowly)

4. Multigrain porridges: In addition to plain oatmeal, multigrain porridges can give you even more whole-grainy goodness, plus antioxidants and nutrients from a diverse array of grains and seeds that you might not otherwise get!

5. Pancakes and Waffles: WHAT?! Hear me out– going for whole grain, protein-rich mixes, frozen prepared items or recipes with little to no added sugars and topping them with fruit, nuts and seeds can transform the once-indulgent waffle into the power breakfast you truly deserve. Scan the label for added sugars and make sure your pick has plenty of fiber


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