Fostering Community Engagement Through Corporate Cafes

Posted by Aleya Harris on 2019-08-12 15:29:00


It’s no secret that today’s business landscape is becoming increasingly socially aware. As a result, corporate philanthropy promoting the welfare of the community at large is becoming more commonplace. This new face of corporate philanthropy is more active, engaged and multi-faceted. 

Forward-thinking companies are shifting away from donations and ad hoc practices. They are embracing community engagement, a more sophisticated approach that aligns company goals with the needs of their community. One of the ways it is being fostered is through the innovation of corporate cafes.

Let’s take a deeper look into community engagement, its benefits for corporations and the community, and how corporate cafes tie it all together.

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The Benefits of Incorporating Fitness into Your Employee Nutrition Plan

Posted by Aleya Harris on 2019-07-29 18:51:57


As healthcare costs rise, more and more companies are realizing that helping their employees stay healthy is good business, plain and simple. 

In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control, over 75% of a company’s health care costs and loss of productivity are connected to employees’ lifestyles. It’s not just obvious health care risks like smoking either. A major culprit in the ongoing healthcare challenges is inactivity for long periods of time – as you may have heard, sitting is the new smoking. 

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5 Companies Committed to Healthy Employee Dining

Posted by Aleya Harris on 2019-06-24 19:13:01

“Wellness” is more than a catchy buzzword. In fact, it’s been shown that nutritious foods fuel the body and mind. A growing body of research shows that healthy eating makes people feel better, more productive, and less likely to call out sick.

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Sourcing Local for Food Service Is Easier Than You Think

Posted by Aleya Harris on 2019-05-20 16:00:00


What if there was a way your food service could boost the local economy, provide your clients with high-quality food that appeals to modern tastes, without adding costs and complications? All of this becomes possible when you explore the potential of sourcing locally for your food service operation.

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Don't Let Dietary Restriction Spoil Your Employee Food Program

Posted by Aleya Harris on 2019-04-29 19:23:59


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Tips for Creating a Healthy Home Environment

Posted by Tanna Nguyen on 2018-06-19 18:40:32

Have you ever lingered in front of the open doors to your refrigerator or pantry and thought, “There’s nothing to eat”? Or come home too late or too tired to feel like making an extravagant meal? Don’t throw in the towel! Healthy eating does not have to be complicated or time consuming. But, to be successful, have these food staples on hand to help build a healthy home environment that can keep you from ordering take out (or calling that pint of ice cream “dinner”).

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Tips for Mindful Eating

Posted by Tanna Nguyen on 2018-05-14 23:08:47

Hunger is the only thing that affects how much we eat, right? Wrong! Research has shown that multitasking—like eating while watching TV or working—and distracted or hurried eating can prompt us to eat more. Paying attention to a meal, however, was linked to eating less later on. How do we do this successfully? Enter the practice of mindful eating!

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Take Advantage of Digital Signage in Your Corporate Cafe

Posted by Tanna Nguyen on 2018-04-26 15:22:10



Think of digital signage as a three-course meal. You have your hardware, software and finally, your content. Learn how selecting the right components of each course can help you create an attractive and interactive café atmosphere that will be memorable to your customers.

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Stress, Mood & Food

Posted by Tanna Nguyen on 2018-04-18 00:29:44

Fighting traffic, shouldering a huge workload, juggling our family’s busy schedules…let’s face it, life can be stressful! But when stress becomes chronic, it can take a serious toll on your health. Chronic stress can increase your risk for heart disease and diabetes, weaken your immune system, increase appetite and cravings, disrupt sleep, and impact mental health. Manage your stress with the following self-care tips.

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Rise & Shine

Posted by Tanna Nguyen on 2017-12-29 18:35:26

By Jen Bruning, MS, RDN, LDN

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