How the Workplace Can Make or Break Your New Year’s Resolutions

Posted by Aleya Harris on 1/29/20
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Rules are made to be broken, and resolutions are created to fail. Or are they? The statistics would say yes. Forty-five percent of Americans make New Year Resolutions and eight percent of them are successful in reaching their goal, according to the Journal of Clinical Psychology

Are broken promises to ourselves really the best way to start off the New Year?

Resolutions are made because we identify an area in our life that needs work. We set goals believing that we can make our lives, our environment, and our world better. These resolutions are often made from a place of pain or fear. The desire to lose weight or eat healthy may stem from low self-image or a health scare. Choosing to live a more sustainable life follows the realization that our choices have a direct impact on the earth, good and bad. Seeking out more networking, social, or educational opportunities may come from a place of loneliness or feeling stuck in their career. 

When those resolutions broke on “Quitter’s Day,” a term used for January 19 thanks to Strava’s research, employees confirmed their worse fears. They were exactly who they thought they were and unable to create effective change. 

Is this the mindset we want employees to bring with them into the workplace? Or is there a way we can equip employees with the confidence to meet and even exceed their new year resolutions?  

Instead of letting your employees wallow in defeat help them redefine their success. Show them that together you can achieve anything. In the process, you’ll tackle a few of your own productivity goals as well. Why? Because when you value your employees, their well-being and their dreams, then they, in turn, create valuable work.


Here are a few ideas to adopt around the office to help your employees stay the course when it comes to their goals while increasing the overall morale of the workplace.


1. Create interest clubs

Ask employees about their goals for 2020, making note of the commonalities around the office. Start small clubs to connect co-workers and encourage them to meet regularly, over lunch or breakfast, in the evening after hours, or even on a quick break. Book clubs could form for those who want to read more. A group that wants to enjoy the outdoors more could picnic at a nearby park each week or start a hiking group on the weekends. Those who want to slow down could start a yoga club. The list is only as small as your and your employees’ imaginations.

If weight loss, exercise, and stress relief are goals in your workplace, create a walking club that meets during the lunch hour. Go the extra mile and provide an extra break for a quick mid-morning walk. This one club tackles multiple goals and will help to strengthen friendships within the office.


2. Designate areas and times to de-stress

Stress levels in the workplace have a direct effect on your productivity line. Stress can lead to major health problems like heart disease and a weakened immune system. 

Designating specific areas and times in the office to reduce stress will have an impact on a number of new year resolution categories. Poor choices in diet, exercise, and productivity often stem from an abundance of stress. If the root cause is not acknowledged, then changes in habit will not occur, potentially leading to greater stress and disconnection. The good news is that you can help prevent burnout.

Set up an area in the office and designate it for meditation and quiet. It could be as simple as a chair in the breakroom that everyone knows if someone is sitting in it they are searching for peace in their day. Encourage them to take short breaks when they feel overwhelmed.  Make it mandatory that employees leave work on time and leave their work at the office. The workplace needs to be optimized into a holistic setting that communicates to employees that work-life balance is desired. Lead by example.


3. Create a vision board

Put a vision board up in a central location and encourage people to add their goals for 2020 on the board. Don’t just have them put up the final goal, but also small milestones for them to reach along the way. Recognize each achievement, celebrating together when they reach their overall goal.


4. Provide better food options

A resolution to live healthier is hard to keep to when everyone around you isn’t changing and there is a lack of options. Snack machines filled with chocolates and crisps, business meetings over pizza and fast food, and lunch runs to local restaurants all become temptations. Help employees stick to their goals by offering food with a variety of appealing healthful options, in ways that can be catered to their specific needs. Offer a range of items for people following specific eating plans (keto, vegan) and food that is naturally nourishing that can sustain their goals all year.


5. Centralize trash bins

Become a sustainable office in 2020. Recycle and reuse. Place trash bins and recycle bins in areas where they are easily seen and even simpler to use. Eliminate excuses and recycling becomes the natural choice. 

Don’t stop with the trash bins. Look at other areas in the office where you can make changes. Opt for more natural lighting, Start a conversation with employees and learn what steps they are taking at home to make changes. Are any of those changes applicable to the workplace? Make it a common goal to decrease your office’s environmental footprint. The changes you make in the office will soon become a habit, seeping into other areas of your and your employees’ lives. It’s a win-win for the planet and the office.


6. Create a wellness program

Go the extra mile and create a wellness program that takes into account everyone’s new year resolutions. Add weight-loss programs to improve physical health, meditation to sharpen mental focus, and flexible work arrangements to provide more freedom and time with family. Also consider creating quiet areas or reducing noise levels to lessen stress. Add fitness rooms, daycare centers, and ambiance. 

All of these additions will not only increase your office morale but your office productivity as well. But the benefits don’t stop there. Happy employees lead to satisfied customers. The investment you make in the holistic well-being and happiness of your employees trickles down into higher customer satisfaction and retention.


Get started today!

How does your workspace currently equip and encourage employees to meet their goals? 

For additional help in creating a workplace that encourages employees to achieve their goals, decreases stress and burnout, and increases morale give us a call. We have Experience Managers that host book clubs, floral design classes, and more. We’ve also created wellness programs that lead to healthier decisions and have helped several clients create sustainable workspaces. 


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