How we eat now and ways to improve your eating habits

Posted by Guckenheimer HQ on 9/09/20
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There's no question eating habits have shifted over the last few months, but now there's data to show exactly how food preferences have changed collectively. 

A recent article reported that sales of packaged snacks like cookies and crackers increased by 30% when lockdowns began. Frozen waffles? Sales increased by over 45%. 

Read on to learn how you can improve your eating habits. 


Eating well these days

If your diet has been feeling out of sorts, here are a few ways to invite balance back into your food habits.


Make a nutritious choice an easy choice

We all know it - whole foods are essential to physical and mental health, but we have a hard time eating them. Set yourself up to eat more whole foods by having them easily accessible. Pre-chop vegetables, put a small bowl of almonds on the counter, or keep fruit in sight.




Eat food you enjoy

If a salad doesn't sound good to you, what does? Forcing ourselves to eat something we don't enjoy tends to backfire, so find nutritious dishes you're excited about. Play around with flavors, textures and ingredients to create something interesting you're psyched about.


Keep tabs on stress and sleep

Two of the most impactful things you can do for your diet are manage stress and get enough sleep. It may not happen all the time, but when you can, take deep breaths and catch a few extra zzz's.


Engage with your food

We tend to enjoy food more if we played a role in preparing it. Eating mindfully and being an engaged eater also helps us to tune in to our fullness levels often leading us to eat fewer calories while being equally as satisfied. 



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