How to Leverage Your Food Service Company's Graphics Department

Posted by Kathy Coleman on 2/12/19


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By Kathy Coleman

Partnering with the right food service company is an investment that brings with it a number of key benefits almost immediately. For starters, you're giving your valued employees delicious, healthy meals on a regular basis. One study revealed that businesses with highly effective wellness initiatives tend to enjoy 11% higher revenue per employee and 1.8 fewer days absent per employee per year. The food your workforce is eating plays a big role in the long-term success of these wellness efforts.

At the same time, you're also increasing employee satisfaction and engagement in a meaningful way. Another study revealed that out of all companies that institute these types of programs, 67% reported increased satisfaction among their workers, 66% reported increased productivity, and 63% reported higher degrees of financial stability in growth.

To put it another way, an investment in a food service company is really an investment in your employees. It's also an investment in the future success of your organization.

But to truly see the maximum return from your food service company, you need to be ready to leverage all parts of it to your advantage. A cafe is about more than just the meals you're serving. Every element contributes to the overall experience you're trying to create. This is especially true of your food service company's graphics department.

It's All About Following Brand Standards

Many businesses spend a considerable amount of time creating brand standards. These are a set of guidelines for colors, logo specifications, fonts, messaging and graphic elements that make up the backbone of your business' identity. With the right approach, external graphics support by way of your food service company is another opportunity to reinforce these standards across all employee touch points.

At Guckenheimer, for example, we've spent a great deal of time creating a brand over the past five decades. Our name is now in a position where it's known throughout the industry and the country. We want our customers to know what to expect when they walk into one of our cafes, regardless of where it is. Customers know they will have the same quality experience every time because of what that name represents.

Your food service company's graphics department can help create the same impact with your own brand standards. This will make your cafe feel more like an organic part of your organization and less like an afterthought. It brings all visual elements in your environment together in a way that takes advantage of the common language that your employees already share. It helps to create a more consistent, enjoyable experience for those workers as well.

If You Want to Leverage, You Need to Collaborate

It's equally important to understand that your relationship with your food service company (and their graphics department) is very much a collaboration. If you ever reach a point where you're not sure that you're leveraging the provided materials properly, you should feel comfortable engaging with these graphics professionals as often as you're able to do so. The same is true if you're not sure you're doing everything you can to stay on brand. Don't be afraid to invite ideas or bring up concerns - that's part of what the graphics department is there for.

Do you have a question about the layout and configuration of something? Take pictures and send them over to your internal graphics department. Do you want to explore more innovative ways to open up a space but aren't sure where to begin? Start a live chat and let the discussion flow.

To truly leverage your food service company's graphics department to your advantage, you need to see them as less a "service provider" and more a partner. But they can only be that if you allow them to, which is why you should practice proactive engagement as much as possible.





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