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Posted by Nutrition Strategy on 7/01/19
Nutrition Strategy

Did you know that some of your favorite summer fruits and vegetables can help keep you hydrated?  It’s true!  Faves like fresh juicy peaches, cucumbers, watermelon and tomatoes are made mostly of water.  In addition to tasty fresh flavors and a whole bunch of nutrients, these summertime picks help combat the dehydrating effects of hot weather.

Here are some other truths and tips about summertime hydration:

  1. Dehydration can happen quickly, especially if you’re working or playing hard outside in the heat. Protect yourself by avoiding the outdoors during the hottest part of the day, taking frequent cooling breaks, drinking plenty of hydrating fluids and listening to your body.
  2. Water is your best bet for getting and staying hydrated, but if you’re working hard, sweating a lot, or haven’t eaten recently, you may need electrolyte replenishment. Sports drinks can help in a crunch, but eating your electrolytes works, too. Peaches, watermelon, milk, OJ and pomegranates are great hydrating choices for Potassium.
  3. While fluid needs vary, the average healthy man needs around 13 cups of water a day; women, about 9 cups. This may increase if you are very active, especially in hot weather.  If you have a heart condition or are taking certain medications, talk to your doctor about fluid needs and staying safe in hot summer weather.
  4. During summer travel, carry water with you in the car or on the plane. Bonus points if you carry a reusable bottle!
  5. During summer parties and BBQs, drink water in between “adult beverages” to stay hydrated.

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