A journey through inspiration: Xiomara Battle's story

Posted by Shelby Scholze on 6/18/20



There are many paths that lead us to our passions. Some people take the opportunity to make their passion their profession, doing a job that feeds their ambitions and inspires them. ISS Guckenheimer Catering Sous Chef Xiomara Battle has made her passion her career at a client site in Boulder, Colorado.

Xiomara started her journey with ISS Guckenheimer in 2017 as a cook. In early 2020, she became the first female chef on a winning team in the ISS Guckenheimer United States culinary competition, alongside her teammate from Boulder. Our internal culinary competition allows teams from each of our operating regions to go head-to-head and showcase their skills. During this competition, Xiomara demonstrated her skillset to the ISS Guckenheimer culinary community.


When discussing where her inspiration comes from, Xiomara spoke highly of her grandmother, and how she uses the skills her grandmother taught her in her everyday work. Her grandmother taught her how to cook and be creative with whatever ingredients are available. This is part of what drives Xiomara’s passion in and out of the kitchen.


During Xiomara’s time with ISS Guckenheimer, she has been inspired to do better and be better in everything she does. Her job has allowed her to grow, be creative and inspire her team and our guests. At ISS Guckenheimer, we are dedicated to being mindful and honoring the ingredients that come together to create a fulfilling meal. It is one of the reasons Xiomara says she is proud to be a part of the food service team at ISS Guckenheimer. She also appreciates our organization’s focus on reducing the footprint humans leave on earth.


When asked how she makes a difference in her job, Xiomara said, “I care about being mindful with the ingredients and making sure that I fulfill or exceed our customer’s expectations and deliver outstanding experiences every day on each service.”


We are very proud of Xiomara’s dedication to our mission to nourish the minds that change the world. Thank you, Xiomara, for inspiring us all.

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