Food + Thought: A Fool-Proof Healthful Eating Strategy in 2020

Posted by Edith Clogg on 1/16/20
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When it comes to eating well, many of us worry about specific foods, amounts, or timing. The questions often center around:  “Is pasta going to make me gain weight?”  “Do I need to eat after I exercise?”  “I’m trying to lose 20 pounds, should I do keto or go Paleo?”  What if there was a way to eat that was portable, not dependent on your surroundings, or even what is on your plate? There is! It’s eating slowly, instead of scarfing food while typing emails or between meetings, and it can be one of the biggest keys to a healthy weight—and a right view of food.  How can it help?


It takes about 20 minutes for your body’s satiety signals to kick in from our gastrointestinal system. Eating slowly is a key to letting those signals kick in to prevent overeating.

We are forced to savor
our meals when we slow down so psychologically, we tend to feel less deprived. We can also learn to better differentiate between hunger and fullness, which increases trust in our body to tell us when we should and shouldn’t eat - not a diet plan or a list of food rules.


Chewing enough may help prevent indigestion and bloating. When we eat faster, we may take larger bites and chew less. The stomach has a hard time churning these bigger pieces into the best form to pass to our intestines which can cause unnecessary discomfort.


What are some ways to move towards this mindset?

  • Put down your mouse and the remote when eating
  • Stop looking at a screen during meals
  • Take a breath or put down your fork between bites
  • Ask someone a question during meals and listen intently
  • When eating by yourself, identify something you are excited for in 2020 between bites


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