5 Companies Committed to Healthy Employee Dining

Posted by Aleya Harris on 6/24/19
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“Wellness” is more than a catchy buzzword. In fact, it’s been shown that nutritious foods fuel the body and mind. A growing body of research shows that healthy eating makes people feel better, more productive, and less likely to call out sick.

Employers are also realizing the importance of wellness and are stepping up to provide better offerings. Some workplaces which are wooing talent with healthy dining options include Silicon Valley tech giants like Google and Evernote. The trend toward healthy eating has caught on across the country in places like Wisconsin-based Acuity Insurance.

Along with the assumed added benefits to the bottom line brought about by healthy employees, companies are strengthening their culture by bringing employees together in a casual setting to enjoy tasty and healthy food, and fosters engaged employees. Here are some of the companies that are doing wellness right, with amazing dining programs.


Five Companies Committed to Healthy Employee Dining 

In the past, you may have been hard-pressed to find flavor-packed veggies and gluten-free meals in employee dining facilities, but these days, smart companies know its smart business to provide people healthy options. Here are five to learn from when considering your company’s dining options:

1. Google

It probably won’t surprise you that Google is leading the pack in feeding its talent well. Their sprawling campus has multiple restaurants with gourmet—quality free meals. Not only that, but they also bring in fresh fish for employees to take home with them, and even offer cooking classes. Google realizes that making it easy to eat well — even when you leave the office - improves morale and productivity.

2. Acuity Insurance

This Wisconsin-based insurance company uses food to build workplace culture, through both regular tailgating activities, and a monthly “family dinner” where employees can invite their family for a company-sponsored dinner. These food-based activities help staff get to know one another outside of work, deepening relationships and contributing to a healthier work environment. 

3. Cummins

Another Mid-Western company helping their employees eat healthier, Cummins recognizes that lifestyle is at the heart of health. To that end, they offer vegan cooking classes to their employees. These classes are taught by Culinary Institute of America-trained chefs who excel at making vegan cooking simple and delicious. 

4. Hasbro

The American Diabetes Association recognized the toy company as a “Health Champion.” Hasbro offers lunch and learn programs on healthy eating; has healthy options available in the cafeteria; and even offer subscription boxes from the local Farmer’s Market to their employees. 

5. Mayo Clinic

The well-known hospital offers healthy meal options, as well as vending machines stocked with healthy snacks. Nutritionists consult with patients. The emphasis on nutritional wellness would seem obvious for a hospital but isn’t as common as you might think.


As you can see, companies from a wide range of industries are recognizing that offering a variety of high-quality food is more than an employee benefit. It can also contribute to the bottom line through heightened productivity, fewer sick days, and improved morale. It’s a simple way to create healthy, happy employees that benefits all levels of a company. 

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