4 tips for working from home

Posted by Shelby Scholze on 4/13/20


With many offices vacant and employees hunkered down at home, finding a sense of normalcy can be difficult. Your daily routine is thrown off. You may be sharing an office space with a spouse, roommate or children. On the other hand, it could be that you are an introvert who thrives in this environment. For others, this lifestyle shift can be challenging, and it can be hard to adjust psychologically.

Work-life balance has been an area of focus for many organizations. Companies understand that to attract and retain top-tier talent, they must adapt to what the workforce wants and values. In many cases, employees want to feel appreciated while knowing that employers understand the importance of life outside the workplace. Now that many of our work lives and our personal lives have merged while we work from home, it may be hard to draw the line between work priorities and personal goals. Harvard Business Review found that Amazon offers over 10,000 different books on how to lead remotely, leading us to conclude that achieving business results with dispersed teams is a difficult objective. The good news in these challenges are common across companies and industries. Many employees and supervisors are all facing these new circumstances.

Here are a few tips to make this temporary situation easier and help you stay productive and positive.

Eat breakfast

If you are working from home, a filling breakfast doesn’t have to move to the back burner. Starting your day off with a nutritious breakfast gives your mind and body a boost of energy that can help you stay productive and increase concentration.




Make a plan

Once you have had breakfast, it’s time to get to work. To create structure and help you stay on track, make a plan for your day or a to-do list. A long list can be overwhelming, so focus on what must be done that day. This is a list of actual projects that can get done – not a wish list. Once you have your list, prioritize your objectives by what needs to get done immediately.


Take breaks

We are all adjusting to these new circumstances and maybe even our new “coworkers.” Just because you are at home doesn’t mean you have to try to work more. Remember, this is temporary. Why not enjoy your new workplace? Turn on some music, take a walk, fold the laundry or have lunch with your family. Do something that you enjoy and make it fun. Stepping away from your computer and taking a break can recharge you to do better work. This can help clear your mind and help you stay motivated.


Stay connected

Though you are around your family or roommates now more than ever, you may be missing the connection you had with your coworkers – the inside jokes, daily coffee breaks or weekly happy hours. Working remotely can cause many to feel cut off from their normal communication, as though they are working in a silo. It’s important to stay connected, because it can help you stay positive and productive. Instead of a phone call, make it a video conference call or host a virtual weekly happy hour. This makes it easy to check in with coworkers and reminds you that everyone is experiencing the same uncertainty and emotions you are.


This is temporary

We are all feeling pressure during these uncertain times. Give yourself some grace and be flexible with your schedule. This is a temporary situation that will pass, and soon enough you will be back in the office wishing you could be home. While many of us are still expected to continue working during these times, find what works for you – whether it’s video chats, working from your front porch or taking frequent breaks. Remember to take the time to enjoy the change in scenery that could fuel new ideas.


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